Ergonomics Careers Day

If you want a job where you have no responsibility, and can sit in a nice warm office every day, look no further… because this isn’t for you! But if you want a job where you will see, hear and experience a vast range of working life in detail, whether it’s in the cockpit of a fighter jet, in a submarine or in the control room of a vast, complex power plant, then consider a career in ergonomics.

You might already be a student of ergonomics or human factors, or perhaps you’re a design, psychology or engineering student. Either way, you might not yet have a clear idea of what awaits you when you graduate. Perhaps you have already graduated and are still looking around for that special job. Work as an ergonomist or human factors professional will open doors that you didn’t even know were there.

Come along to our annual Ergonomics & Human Factors Careers Day in November. The aim of the event is to provide students, newly qualified graduates and those looking for a change in career with an understanding of the choices available in ergonomics and human factors. We will support you throughout your working life and can help you to find courses, jobs and to meet other people like yourself. This event is just the start. We can even help save you money on the cost of this event (which is great value anyway!)

This year the event is being held on 2nd November 2016 at The Hilton, Northampton, just minutes from the M1.

At the Ergonomics & Human Factors Careers Day, you can:

  • Meet potential employers
  • Learn how ergonomics can make a real difference in all sectors
  • Learn how to make the transition from student to professional
  • Learn how to get from where you are now to where you want to be in a new career
  • Hear from those who have come from many other professions into a career in ergonomics

This event is organised by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors.

To find out more and to book, go to

There’s no better way to find out where a career in ergonomics can take you.