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Ergonomics Careers Day 2014

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Ergonomics Careers Day 2013

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IEHF Ergonomics Careers Day 2012
Wednesday 21st November, Northampton

IEHF Student Conference 2011: towards a career in ergonomics
Wednesday 16th November, Duxford, Cambridgeshire

But what do the students think of these events?

“Whilst providing a great opportunity to explore professional opportunities of ergonomics, the IEHF Student Conference also acted as an ideal networking platform with companies, students, and experienced consultants alike. Deciding which professional avenue to pursue after studies can be overwhelming but this event gave us the chance to mingle and chat with some contrasting industry representatives, and certainly inspired me to begin thinking about possible career paths that I hadn’t envisaged before. The interactive workshop in the afternoon separated the day nicely, and students could apply some taught theory within a mock-up scenario. It was good practice to be able to work and debate with other like-minded students, and particularly rewarding to have the chance to present and justify the final output to a large audience at the end.” Morgan Banks, UCL.

“The Student Conference “towards a career in ergonomics” lived up to its name with talks displaying just how broad and varied a career in ergonomics can be. Lydia Saunders and Kate Dixon (2nd year BSc Ergonomics, Loughborough) commented: “great to hear about the various careers involved as we didn’t realise the range you could get involved in within ergonomics.” With talks varying from “what is it you do again?” an issue ergonomists often experience, to risk management in construction and issues with implementing improved HCI in the workplace, there was a good balance between explaining the journey a graduate takes into research, international companies specialising in particular industries, and smaller consultancy firms that are expanding into emerging fields. Helen Thomas (2nd year BSc Ergonomics, Loughborough) said: “they covered lots of different areas of ergonomics and gave useful insights into their jobs and the things they expect of people working in their companies.” There is no doubt that professional ergonomists are able to build a broad portfolio of activities and with expanding areas such as HCI and the continual push for greater recognition and public understanding of the field, the future of ergonomics is a very exciting place to be!” David Haines, Loughborough University.